Intensive English Program (IEP) Express

Intensive English Program (IEP) Express is designed for SHORT TERM - Effective English Language Courses. Students are tested and placed in the proper level of English that will cut through the chase and obtain rapid results in short impact filled sessions. These courses are short-term Intensive English courses designed specifically for visitors travelling to the U.S. and wants to combine functional English with their sightseeing the attractions in South Florida. B1/B2 Tourist visa is all it takes for these courses. They are very popular because what the student learns in the daily classroom is used immediately during the vacation activities planned for the rest of the day. The instruction is designed to be useful, loaded with phrases and short  communication type sentences which aids the student to communicate while continuing with vacation activities after class.

The classroom instruction is presented in a very pleasant, friendly, warm stimulating environment that embraces their continuing daily experience that has been planned after school.

    Students will begin by identifying sight words and familiar vocabulary, which will be used in students’ phrasal responses. This will lead to the ability to use simple sentences and fundamental questions in writing and simple, informal interactions.
    Students will be able to understand multi-step instructions, descriptive sentences and common expressions to communicate in simple social and academic settings.
    At the end of this intensive English program, students will have a repertoire of vocabulary and grammar to utilize in a variety of contexts, which will enable students to engage in normal-paced conversations and apply knowledge to paragraphs and essays.

IEP Express