Advanced with TOEFL Preparation | Intensive English Program

Comprehensive overview of the advanced-level speaking, listening, reading and writing skills needed to succeed on the Test of English as a Foreign Language exam. Through an intense review of test-taking strategies and the skills, students will develop a high level of general language ability in both receptive (listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing) skill areas to achieve an excellent score. This TOEFL course is accompanied by the computer lab where students complete practice activities and take practice exams. Results are reviewed in order to work on areas of weakness.

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  • Expanding on Verb Tenses
  • Stative Verbs
  • Gerunds and Infinitives
  • Nouns, Articles, and Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Passive and Active Voice
  • Modals
  • Adverb Clauses
  • Noun Clauses and Reported Speech