We at International Preparatory School aim to provide all international Students, who have selected our school, with the highest quality of English language instruction possible to meet their desired goals. Additionally, we strive to make students’ transitions to the United States to be successful in all aspects.

Since 1976, international students from all over the world have chosen our school. We continue to enjoy generations of students and their families as they complete their studies and impact our lives. Our programs effectively prepare you for success. Our instructors possess extensive qualifications to adequately teach as well as connect to our students personally. Our school facility is a friendly and comfortable environment conducive to learning.

We recognize the sacrifices that a student makes to come to the USA – leaving their families to unknown obstacles, financial and status expenditures, and more. International students join our family of students, respected and protected. We vow to protect, safely guide them, while we receive them with warm, open arms. Many have found their success while at International Preparatory School. ...We are truly, the school that prepares you with your Language Skills.

Our Vision is to aim to situate ourselves as an internationally recognized educational institute with an intense involvement in academic programs that promote a lifelong commitment to learning, ethics, and cultural diversity

... we are the school that prepares you with English Language Skills!