TOEFL Test Preparation - International Students - No Visa Needed!

This course is on-going with no ending schedule. Stop when your ready and pass the TOEFL Test with a high score. Each student's progress will determine when a student is ready to take the Official TOEFL test. This course includes actual test practice sessions and is designed to reveal strengths and weaknesses for each student that is needed to achieve a good test score. The weekly progression of each student can better predict the approximate amount of preparation classes a student may need to be ready to take the Official TOEFL test at an ETS Test Center.

"Days before TOEFL TEST."

This is a final readiness Pre-Official TOEFL Test simulation class designed to provide actual test day stress environment which will be encountered the day of the test. It is the last class to address strengths and weaknesses before taking the Official TOEFL test at the TOEFL Center. The student must register as an official Test Center and make payment directly as instructed by the TOEFL Centers. Most of the centers are not local and may need travel arrangements. Please make sure you're calm and prepared. We will get you to the skills needed for acceptable TOEFL Scores to be accepted by the College/University you desire. Together we will find success!

What to expect at the Official TOEFL Test Center...