Founded in 1976, by Nina Kaufman, CEO – President

… we are the school that prepares you with English Language Skills!

We welcome all English language learners!  International Preparatory School founded in 1976, is a family-owned institution dedicated to serving English language learners, international students by providing the highest quality for English language training program.  For over 41 years, this school has helped generations of students and their families. Thousands of students, like you (English language learners), have found success in achieving their English communication goals in the most efficient manner possible. Our committed and experienced instructors continue to make this possible. With open arms, we welcome you to the experience of a lifetime.

 You will find amazing students waiting for your arrival! To accommodate students of all English language proficiency levels, we offer classes for the English language learners from Basic to Advanced level’s designed to ensure you meet your professional or social goals. We provide TOEFL Preparation courses for those interested in entering American colleges or universities. Additionally, specialized professional programs and tutoring are available for students wishing to advance in a specific career.

English language learners

English language learners (F-1 Students) your needs are our priority! Enrollment begins every Monday. We are open year-round for your convenience. English language training is offered to students with various goals, professionally and/or personally. Our student demographics provide a diverse and dynamic environment, as our students range from young 18 years old to seasoned corporate professionals. All students within this range are striving to enhance their English language skills for social and/or vocational communication.