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Start by downloading (click here) the forms you need to complete so we can start your file. Below lists of information that is required to generate an I-20 Student Visa Application for you to take to the Embassy/Consulate in your country.


  • Enrollment Application Form (click here)
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Financial information
    • Bank Statement – Proof of Funds (if using a sponsor)
      • Affidavit of Support Form signed
      • Sponsor’s Identification Photo


  • $150.00                 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
  • $512.00                Down Payment partial tuition*
  • $512.00                 Down Payment partial Tuition*
  • $350.00                SEVIS Fee for I-20 (non-refundable) to register your I-20
  • $75.00                  Currier Service to send your documents
  • $1599.00              Total – (All funds are shown in U.S. Dollars)
    *fully refundable if the visa is denied

Your initial visa is issued for twelve (12) months.  Upon registration at the school, we will increase your student visa for three (3) years until your program is completed. You are family now; we look forward to welcoming you to the United States as soon as your documents are cleared for travel.  Your exciting chapter to your life will be a very successful one as you will have our hand as your extended family waiting for you as soon as you set foot in the U.S.A.

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