Change of Status B-1/B-2 Tourist Visa
to  F-1 Student Visa.

Change if Status applications are NOT guaranteed.
Final approval is issued by USCIS Immigration.

Instructions for B-1/B-2 tourist visitors to change the Visa status to a F-1 Student Visa

  • Passport Page 1 and Visa Page 2
  • I-94 at the point of arrival
  • International Preparatory Registration Application
  • Registration Fee – $150 (one time only)
  • I-20 F-1 Student Visa Application (issued by the school)
  • Entrance Placement Test (no charge)
  • I-901 SEVIS proof FEE paid receipt – $200 (one time only)
  • Bank Account (current) showing the minimum of $20,000
  • $5,000 per dependent (spouse or children under 21 years old)
  • If a bank is out of the country – need translation to U.S. dollars funds
  • If bank funds are not of the actual student (sponsor) then:
  • Need signed Financial and support documents (sponsor)
  • Need Identification of Sponsor documents (sponsor)
  • A sponsor can be located out of the country, or in the U.S.
  • I-539 application to Change Status – $370 to USCIS
  • I-539 application to Extend time every 6 months – $370 to USCIS
    • This I-539 for Extension must be filed every 6 months and Fee Paid until final approval is granted (may take 1 year or longer).
    • However, you will be considered “legal” during the process time providing you have filed properly
    • Funds paid are non-refundable

We will file the above Change of Status forms and maintain your case until you are granted approval, at which time after approval, tuition charges start. You will be registered as an F-1 student and enrolled in the appropriate English class for the duration of the program. The student is required to make a deposit payment which represents first/last month of expected tuition. This is fully refundable if student application is denied.

Letter (high importance)

Explain why you are asking for a change in status while you are visiting on B-1 Visa instead of making the process to come to the U.S. while in your country. (We can assist you).

$150 Registration Fee

$370 Status Change Request

$370 Extension of Every 6 Months

$500 School processing Fee (one time only)

Regular Tuition Payment English Language Course

$200 I-20 SERVIS FEE

$512 First Month Tuition

$512 Last Month Tuition

No Further tuition payment until F-! Approval

Total Due $2,614.00